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"The Sedona Vortex Array" - Sedona, AZ 9.12.15

"The Mechanics of Channeling" - Los Angeles, CA 9.25.15

"Shards of a Shattered Mirror" - Los Angeles, CA 9.26.15

"Thirteen Months and Counting" - Los Angeles, CA 9.27.15

Now you can enjoy Bashar from the comfort of your own home with live streaming video!


For tech support our Skype account: BasharEventSupport will be online during the event.
(Text only no calls or video) or we can be reached via the Social Stream and Chat window.



How do I sign up for a live streaming event?

Select an event above and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the ordering process.
All streaming billing transactions are handled through Cleeng. Simply visit Cleeng and log in. Once logged in your purchased events will be displayed.

Will I be able to rewatch the event after it is broadcast?

The videos from the event are recorded and accessible via your Dashboard on Ustream for 3 days after the event. To access the videos, simply log into your Cleeng account and click on the event in the dashboard

What if there is an interruption in the transmission during the event?

If there is an interruption in the event stream we will re-broadcast those sections directly following the event so you won't miss anything. The entire event is available for rewatching for 3 days following the event. Log into your Cleeng account and click on the event in the dashboard. If there is an interruption in the transmission on your end, you can simply log back in to Cleeng and rewatch the event. Also note for optimal streaming results, do not connect to your network with any other devices during the event, i,e. xsmart phones, other open-browser windows, etc.

Does my live stream ticket include a discount on downloads of the event??

The price of the ticket includes access to the live stream of the event as well as an opportunity to replay the event for the 3 days afterwards.

Who handles support for the live streaming events?

We have a Bashar Communications representative ready to help via our Skype account: BasharEventSupport (Text only no calls or video). All pre-event billing issues are handled through Cleeng. Simply visit Cleeng and log in to their support site.


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