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Darryl Anka began channeling Bashar in 1984 and has, over the past 26 years created an extensive library of information. Bashar Communications was formed by Darryl Anka and April Rochelle for the purpose of bringing Bashar's message to the planet and preserving the existing Bashar library.

Our primary mission is to ensure that new Bashar information will continue to be generated and the public will be able to access this information on the basis of fair exchange. It is our hope that the information created by Bashar will offer assistance to humanity in creating a new, positive future where all may flourish.

- Darryl Anka and April Rochelle

Bashar Communications
2591 Fair Oaks Ave. #124
Altadena, CA 91001

Darryl Anka
April Rochelle

(Toll Free)

For general questions, email us: comments@bashar.org

For questions related to orders,
please email us at orders@bashar.org

For private sessions, please email

Our Gratitude to the many beings whose
contributions made this website possible!

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