Quest for Truth:
100 Insights That Could Change Your Life (Book)

Channeled by Darryl Anka

Newly reissued. This book contains insights and gems of wisdom for everyone... it gives us a change to review our beliefs about abunance, health, relationships, family, death, dying and religion. Explore the realm of ordinary problems, fears and concerns we all share. Candid conversations, practical tools and insights about the real life issues most of us deal with in our lives. You won't be the same "you" after reading this book. $22.95.

Blueprint for Change:
A Message from Our Future (Book)

Channeled by Darryl Anka

Compiled and Edited by Luana Ewing

PLEASE NOTE: This book is being updated and a new release
will be available soon.

This inspiring book explores Bashar's life changing and revolutionary ideas. In "Blueprint for Change", Bashar discusses the transformation of our planet and our purpose for being here at this time. He shares the secrets of ecstatic personal transformation and how to apply these ideas in your daily life so you can fully live the life of your dreams. Included are questions and answers from many live workshops and seminars that were conducted over the years.

This exciting book contains powerful techniques for helping to expand your creativity and become a master at consciously creating the reality you truly desire plus much, much more! Blueprint for Change is a must read for anyone interested in exploring their personal potential and understanding the world we live in. Embark upon this remarkable journey into the future and learn about the wonders that await us! $19.95 plus.


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